Thursday, April 18, 2024

Our service facility is also taking many steps forward in helping keep our environment clean. We are a state certified recycle station We accept batteries, antifreeze, engine oil, oil filters, tires. We also have started the process of reducing or eliminating the harmful effects on the environment from our shop. This process is important for future generations and starts with us.

Unfortunately, like many businesses, the nature of an auto repair business comes with some consequences to the environment. We use electricity, gas, and some hazardous waste material. But, we do things to help minimize the effects of these things in our shop:

Our shop have large bay doors and big skylights to allow enough light in without using overhead lighting. Additionally, we use efficient fluorescent lighting throughout the shop and offices.
We use hydraulic lifts that only use electricity when raising or lowering the vehicles.
We use a high efficiency air compressor to serve air to our tools throughout the shop.
Our computers utilize power saving features to minimize the power and we have switched over to flat panel monitors throughout the shop because they only use about 20% of the electricity.

Hazardous Waste Materials:
All spills are cleaned up immediately with special rags and are stored in a container. The container is picked up by a dedicated hazardous waste co. that extracts the chemicals and sends it out for recycling when possible.
As an additional measure to eliminate waste into the environment from spills that can’t be avoided, we have installed special collectors at the perimeter of the shop. These special collectors grab the oils and other waste and contain the spills. Then the collectors can be given to hazardous waste handlers for recycling when possible.

We have invested heavily into quality equipment and environment protection building codes that captures fluids from all of the fluid flushes performed on your vehicles. Coolant/Anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid and air conditioner refrigerant chemicals are cared for with high regard. The equipment we utilize are made to minimize and eliminate the chemical affects on our environment.
The fluids are stored in containers for the recyclers to pickup. We go the extra step and keep the containers in a second backup container in case of a leak or damage to the primary container.
We are very conscientious about all fluid wastes. When possible they are sent to be recycled or picked up for proper handling by waste handlers.

We shred and recycle all of our paper products.
We separate our garbage from our recyclable products such as bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.
We recycle all scrap metal from old parts and equipment, rather than just disposing in the garbage.
As you can see, we are serious about the environment and will continue to work hard to lessen our impact on the environment.